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    Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

    Texan Steel Buildings is a Pre-engineered Steel Building Company. We serve the Houston Texas area by offering full service pre-fabricated/pre-engineered steel structures ranging from Industrial Steel Buildings, Commercial Steel Buildings to Aircraft Hangars and Storage Units.

    Our vision is that by working with all aspects of the building process including architectural, construction and design professionals from the beginning, we can create a more seamless construction experience and superior final product. We believe that amazing steel buildings are constructed when design and unique ideas meet solid technical and structural components.

    Members of the Texan Steel Buildings team have worked in all aspects of the building process, including construction site work, building material sales, spec building and beyond. After having the opportunity to explore the many different avenues of general contracting, Pre-engineered steel buildings was found to be our niche because of our wide skill set and experience in the industry.

    To us, your steel building project is going to be a key component of your life. It could potentially be a place where you spend a large part of your day, and being able to have a role in choosing and designing the comforts you look for in workplace is a way to enhance that daily experience.

    When you are ready to get started on your steel building project, give us a call 281.891.3884. We would love to help walk you through the process and build your vision!

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