Our Process


    We will meet with you to find out exactly how we can help you build your project to fit your needs. Using our years of industry experience and your vision, we will work together to create a plan for your pre-engineered steel building.


    Next, we draft up the building plan to apply for the appropriate permits and permissions to build your pre-engineered steel building. Our experience in multiple different cities and municipalities has given us an advantage in pre-building preparation. Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on the aspects of your new building that matter to you most.


    A variety of design and color options are available for the interior and exterior of your pre-engineered steel building. Our designers will work with you to make your building fit your needs and vision perfectly.


    Our experience in the many different aspects of the building industry has allowed us to refine the building phase of pre-engineered steel structures in numerous ways. A more structured process before building begins results in faster building times, more structurally sound buildings and a reduction in waste on production sites. We want you to love your building, which is why we have regular check ins with clients during the building phase to ensure that project aspects are coming to life exactly as planned.


    We want to make sure that once your pre-engineered steel building is completed that you are happy with the results. We meet with all of our customers after the building phase is finished to make sure that everything is in order and to see if there is anything else we can do complete your pre-engineered steel building.

Our Mission

In our minds, building a pre-engineered steel building is not a simple decision. The effort put into designing a pre-engineered steel building is a major commitment that we take very seriously. It is this commitment that has led to the development of Texan Steel Buildings philosophy of building that combines functional design and unique, one-of-a-kind elements.